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I am very impressed! Bhumi Growers grow rare and different varieties of citruses from kumquat varieties that you have never tasted before, to Yuzu and lemons and limes. I am very excited to try every single one of the citruses grown here, right in New Jersey, my home state!​

Martha Stewart


I enjoy working with citrus and in particular with sudachi and yuzu. At Zuma, we are always looking to utilize local products that offer authentic Japanese flavors. Not only do Bhumi Growers office a quality source of Japanese and other rare citrus, but their passion and personal investment in their customers' needs has made them one of our most valued partners.

Chef Oliver Lange

Corporate Executive Chef

Zuma Restaurants- USA


Bhumi provides Smyth & The Loyalist with high quality, fresh and in-season citrus varieties. We are able to incorporate subtle citrus flavors into our menu to surprise our guests all year. Their prompt customer service makes it very easy for our chefs to work with them. Any complaints are always handled quickly and replacement is provided immediately.

Chef John Shields

Executive Chef

Smyth & The Loyalist, Chicago








At Masa, we are very happy to be able to work with citrus provided by Bhumi. We value their attention to high quality and superior customer service.

Chef Masa Takayama

Masa, New York






Since their start, Bhumi Growers' citrus has helped developed the flavors of what Element's cuisine is today. Their citrus is an integral part of the flavors and ingredients that we use in our food. Bhumi Growers pushes what's possible in New Jersey Agriculture and we are proud to serve their citrus at our Elements restaurant. Bhumi has varieties of citrus that we've never been able to source before. Having these varieties in greenhouses in New Jersey makes it so special to us.

Chef Mike Ryan

Chef de Cuisine

Elements, Princeton

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 5.27.38 PM.png






Our citrus beer fermented with locally grown citrus has been a hit with our customers. We are very pleased to be working with Bhumi Growers' products to add unique flavors to our beers and extend our commitment to fresh, local, whole ingredients.

James Priest

The Referent Bier Blendery

Pennington, New Jersey

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