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African Shaddock pomelos are medium to large in size, averaging 15 to 25 centimeters in diameter. The pith is easily peeled, revealing 11 to 16 segments of flesh encased in membranes, which should be discarded. Once the membranes are peeled, the flesh is comprised of large translucent sacs known as vesicles, giving the pomelo a distinct textured consistency. The vesicles are filled with juice and pulp, creating a dense, meaty, and chewy nature, and the flesh features variegated hues of pink and yellow.  African Shaddock pomelos are aromatic and release a floral, bright scent when peeled or sliced. The pomelos can be consumed raw and have a complex sweet-tart flavoring. African Shaddock pomelos are low in acidity, making the variety less bitter and tart than other pomelo cultivars. The flesh provides a generally mild, sweet, and tangy taste with floral and honeyed nuances.

African Shaddock Pomelo

5 Pounds
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