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Finger limes are the "caviar" of the citrus world. These unique citruses originate from Australia and are popular all over the world. Shaped like a finger, they max out at 3 inches and come in a variety of colors. The pulp (“juice vesicles”) are tiny little balls with a tart flavor that burst in your mouth.


Replace lemon juice with a tiny amount of finger limes to elevate your recipes. 


Garnish: Use it to garnish seafood and vegetarian dishes. A small squeeze on your sushi or avocado will elevate it to the next level


Cocktails: Replace lime or lemon in your favorite cocktail with a squeeze of finger lime pulp to impress your guests. Finger Lime Mojito!


Salads: Get fancy with your salads. Use finger limes in dressings instead of your standard citrus


Desserts: Top of your favorite ice-cream with some finger limes, in a citrus curd, on your cheesecake. You’ll never go back!


Store them in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic for a couple of weeks,

**Finger Limes are (typically) available most of the year  HOWEVER...due to high demand of Finger Limes, your order will be shipped to you based upon their availability at the time you place your order.

***This order is for ONE (1) pound ( approx. 60-70 pieces) of Finger Limes.***

Finger Limes

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