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A cross between Mexican Key Lime and Kumquat, Limequat has notes of a key lime and thin fully edible skin of a kumquat. Limequats are very small in size, averaging 3-4 centimeters in diameter, and are globular to oblong in shape. The thin skin is smooth, shiny, covered in small oil glands, and transitions from green to yellow with maturity. Underneath the skin, the flesh is soft, succulent, pale yellow-green, contains a few, edible seeds, and is divided into 7-8 sections by thin, white membranes. Limequats have a floral fragrance, and when consumed fresh and whole with the skin on, they have a bitter-sweet, tart flavor.


Limequats are best suited for both raw and cooked applications and can be consumed whole. When used in cooked applications, the seeds are often removed as they impart a bitter flavor and the fruit can be sliced and added raw to green and fruit salads or used as an edible garnish for main dishes and appetizers. They can also be cooked into marmalades, jams, and jelly or used as a substitute for lemons or key limes.


5 Pounds
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