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Yosemite Gold Mandarins, the largest of all mandarins varieties, are best suited for fresh applications as their sweet flavor, and juicy, seedless flesh is showcased when consumed straight, out-of-hand. The skin can be easily removed from the flesh, and the segments can be mixed into fruit bowls, dipped in chocolate as a bite-sized dessert, tossed into salads, or used as a fresh topping over ice cream. These mandarins can also be blended into smoothies, juiced and stirred into fruit punches or cocktails, cooked into jams, marmalades, and syrups, or used to flavor desserts, including cakes, muffins, tarts, and puddings. In addition to fresh applications, Yosemite Gold Mandarins are sometimes used for glazing hams, flavoring seafood, or infusing into sauces for roasted meats.

Yosemite Gold Mandarin

5 Pounds
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